What started out as a simple market outlook for 2017 has really escalated into a full blown report. When I was writing this it felt like I was back in university.

Working in real estate, I get asked the same questions all the time...



"What are prices going to do this year?"

"When is this bubble going to burst?"

"How are my kids going to afford to buy a home?"

I will answer all of these questions and more in my market outlook. I have been collecting and analyzing numbers to try and provide you with what I feel will be accurate assumptions of what to expect. After all, no one knows for sure but we can take measures to try and make a more educated guess which I have done here. 

My 2017 Real Estate Market Outlook Covers:

Historic Avg. Price Trends
Data dating back to 1960 for Ontario, Toronto and Barrie
Historic Mortgage Rates
Data back to 1960, 5 year fixed rate mortgage rates
Housing Construction Starts
Development trends.
MLS Unit Sales
Number of Sales per year
Population Demographics
Age of population, immigration, trends
Housing Affordability
Income to avg. price ratios
Monetary policy as well as recent measures taken to cool housing market
Take all factors into consideration

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