Constantly studying and analyzing the Real Estate market. Always on the lookout for deals and then sending to my network. I also publish periodical reports that examine the latest trends and external factors affecting the real estate market.


I have a large network of Real Estate Investors, what this means for you, I am able to connect both Buyers and Sellers often in an Exclusive, Off-Market transaction which is mutually beneficial to all parties involved.


My Real Estate Investment Management team (I hate calling our service Property Management) has nearly 200 units currently under management. These properties mostly include residential properties ranging from single family homes, duplex's, 3-Plex's, even larger multi family buildings, but also includes commercial real estate properties.


Having been on both the Buying and Selling side for several investment deals, I have the knowledge and expertise to ensure a smooth transaction closes on the completion date all the while ensuring all involved parties are protected.


This is a big one. If you are going to invest in a property, you need to know how much you can rent that property for. My management company leases properties everyday. Simply put, we know the rents. Don't fall into the trap of "my real estate agent told me it would rent for.....". Work with someone who actually knows!


Essentially, my team and I can assist you with, Buying the property, Renting the property and the day to day Management of your Investment Property.

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