Ontario Landlords – Can We Now Enforce an Eviction in Ontario?

Written By: Teri Landriault - Paralegal with Fuse Property Management

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

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The End of the Eviction Restriction in Ontario, August 1st, 2020.

On July 6, the Superior Court of Justice order that had suspended all residential evictions was amended. It now states that the suspension will end at the end of July, 2020, in which the state of emergency is terminated.

What that means for Ontario landlords is this:

The sheriff will be back in business enforcing all of those eviction orders that landlords have not been able to act on for months.

The Landlord and Tenant Board has also announced that they will gradually be expanding services starting August 1st, 2020.
  1. All those pending eviction orders will start to be issued! Finally!
  2. Eviction orders which are based on landlords and tenants settling their dispute through an agreement will be issued
  3. Urgent Eviction matters will continue to be heard by telephone
  4. Non Urgent Eviction matters will start to be scheduled/rescheduled
  5. Non-urgent eviction hearings will begin mid-August and into the fall

“As services gradually resume, the LTB is strengthening its ability to deliver fair, effective and timely services during the COVID-19 outbreak by holding hearings by video conference, phone or in writing. The LTB does encourage landlords and tenants to discuss settlement prior to an eviction application hearing with an adjudicator to minimize the number of files the board will have to schedule. The Board will be expanding the use of Case Management Hearings to include most eviction applications filed by landlords that do not include rent arrears”

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