What Is An N4 And When To Use It

Written By: Teri Landriault

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What is an N4 and when to use it

The N4 notice is one of the most valuable tools a Landlord has in managing their tenancies. Served in due time and completed correctly, this notice enables a Landlord to effectively terminate a tenancy for non payment of rent and here’s how:

On the second day of the month, when your tenant has not paid the rent in full, you may send the tenant an N4 notice, which can be found here: http://www.sjto.gov.on.ca/ltb/forms/#landlord-forms

This form is crucial in the process of evicting a tenant for non payment of rent. As a property manager, we send these notices out on the 4th of the month, to any tenant who owes even a small portion of the rent.

The reason for this is simple. If the tenant makes the payment, the form is void and there is no harm done.  If the tenant fails to pay the amount owing within that 14 day period (plus mailing time) a landlord is now equipped and prepared to file and application to terminate the tenancy for non payment. Sometimes a tenant will ask for more time, promising to pay on pay day, or when some money comes in that they have been waiting for. As a Landlord, you are within your rights to allow your tenant some extra time, but send that N4 anyway. Set yourself up for success and let your tenant know that you are willing to work with them, but you’re not willing to be fooled with promises to pay.

Landlords, read the N4 instructions carefully, as one small flaw in this document can result in your application being dismissed. This notice needs to be perfectly correct and fully completed and cannot be amended, once served. If you are unsure, contact a paralegal who specializes in this area of law and have it done professionally.

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