This month I wanted to share a real situation that took place around this time last year.

I was out for a run with my dog, as we often run different neighbourhoods in the Barrie area. I came across a “For Sale By Owner” sign. 

Being in the business of selling homes I was curious and stopped to talk to the seller.

The Seller explained they were going to sell the house themselves.

I understood their situation of wanting to keep as much equity as possible, left my business card and later that day dropped off some marketing information and went on my way.

A few weeks later the Seller called to say that the home had not sold. They asked if I could come by and speak with them.

We discussed their situation and came to an agreement that I would help them sell their property.

I immediately went to work and implemented my comprehensive home marketing system. Once everything was ready to go, I listed the property on a Friday and we had an accepted agreement one day later on the Saturday.

The Sellers were very happy with the outcome as we sold for above what they were originally asking for when selling on their own.

If you or someone you know needs some advice on how to sell their home quickly and at the highest possible price, please give me a call or send me an email.